Ice Jam
Ice Jam
Pentium class processor or better
DirectX 7.0 or higher
10Mb of free disk space
Windows 95 and later
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Ice Jam - Description:
   While Santa was busy with his Christmas duties, there was a very strong snowstorm in his magic land. The storm was so strong that it reached into the deepest caves and spread crystals of magic ice from those caves over entire Lapland. Then huge amounts of colored ice started growing in most inappropriate places and interfering with the normal life of Lapland inhabitants.
   But Santa never gives up! This had happened quite a few times in the past and all people in Lapland know the properties of this ice. If you put three or more ice blocks of one color together, the excess of magic tension will make them blow up. That's the way they used to cope with the disaster before. And Santa decided to use the good old method this time as well.
   Besides, it is a good opportunity to test the new model of his sleigh that had just been developed in the scientific laboratories of Lapland. Under the pressure of constant protests from those concerned with animal rights, they had developed a special sleigh for Santa. No deer are needed for this sleigh, it flies using the energy of that very magic ice!
   Help Santa! It will be difficult for him to do away with all those ice blocks alone. Moreover, the supply of magic ice in the sleigh is limited. It is still an experimental model and there is a lot to be done yet. You will need a lot of dexterity and wits to deal with it. But you'll make a perfect team together with Santa!
   Well, the sleigh is fueled and ready to fly and Santa waits for you only. Good luck!
Download Ice Jam Download Ice Jam
Ice Jam - Main Features:
  • Colourful graphics and environment
  • High quality sound and music
  • Several different gametypes
  • Three different episodes
  • Enormous levels number
  • Addictive gameplay
  • Detailed statistics and advanced control system
  • Unlimited Fun!
  • Lifetime technical support
  • ...and much more.
Ice Jam - System Requirements:
  • Pentium class processor or higher
  • DirectX 7.0 or higher
  • 10 Mb free space on HDD
  • Windows 95 and later
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